Be your own kind of beautiful!


Be your own kind of beautiful is a quote I have always been drawn too. It speaks to me in a way that only the individual can understand what that means to them. Finding the courage, belief and acceptance of self is the most incredible journey and one I work toward everyday. Growth, love, passion and a desire to make a difference is always underlined who I am and what I do.

The creation of Mama Mane first came about in 2009 when I started my Freelance Hairdressing Business in Perth so that I could put myself through University. I completed my B.Sc in Behavioural Science and Counselling and went on to work with at risk youth in outreach/educational programs, which is a huge passion of mine.

Then in 2017 we had a family tragedy and that brought me to Busselton where I could be closer to my family. I took 6 months off working and started to feel a little lost as I am a worker bee. I'm not one for sitting around, I get bored easily and need somewhere to put my creative energy into, so then birthed the idea of a Curvy and Vintage Clothing Stall. It was only meant to be a hobby but it has grown into something very special and I'm so proud to have developed a business where I get to help women look and feel beautiful.

This business is not about fashion for me, it's about working toward a place of acceptance, a space for the message of body positivity to be truly embraced. Not just accepted as the 2019/20 fad but to be understood as something that has been seriously lacking in society. It is about heart and connection for me, I feel deeply passionate about the message I want to stand by which is 'be your own kind of beautiful.. because being who you are is very important. Your uniqueness is what makes you shine. To be who you are, curves and all, shouldn't define who you are it should be nurtured as a gift of life.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me...

Rebek xx