Be your own kind of beautiful!



Be your own kind of beautiful is a quote I have always been drawn too. It speaks to each individual and their own understanding of beauty and of themselves.  Finding the courage, belief and acceptance of self is the most incredible journey and one I work toward every day. Growth, love, passion and a desire to make a difference has always underlined who I am and what I do, as evident in my role as mum to my beautiful son, my former career as a hairdresser and counsellor with at-risk youth and now with my Mama Mane label.  


After a family tragedy brought me back to Busselton, in regional Western Australia, I was feeling at a loss creatively and so the idea of a curvy and vintage clothing stall was the birth of Mama Mane.  Although starting as a hobby, between juggling single mum duties, Mama Mane has grown into something very special that I am proud to have developed into a flourishing business where I get to help women look and feel beautiful.  


An important part of beauty is care for self and others and Mama Mane seeks to be an ethical and sustainable label.  Our clothes are ethically made in small batches by our team in Indonesia, using consciously-sourced materials.  


Mama Mane is not just about fashion for me, it's about working toward a place of acceptance and a space for the message of body positivity to be truly embraced. It is about heart and connection. I feel deeply passionate about the message I want to stand by which is be your own kind of beautiful”, because being who you are is very important. Your uniqueness is what makes you shine, and I hope that Mama Mane can help to nurture it. 


Thank you for coming on this journey with me...


Rebek xx